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I would like to introduce Tomek Lizurej who was born and currently lives in Częstochowa. Music has always been present in his life. What motivates him the most is Love to music. In a very short period of time he achieved his goals as a profesional Latin American dancer. Thanks to hard work he became a multi champion and took part into many International competitions. It was challenging not only for him but also for his coaches and dance partner. When he grew up, changed his mind and did his best to fulfill himself as a Dj and music producer. By giving up his dancing career houseHunter complety devoted himself to the music. Now he is free to create music and tries hard to gain appreciation among people, especially those ,who listen to music at home and those on the dancefloor.

Tomek does not divide music into categories and chooses each piece very carefully, moreover selects sounds patiently, what makes his audience lively. His first close encounter with console was in 2016 but each performence results in new invitation. House Hunter became very important during every party.

Tomek finds himself very well in every kind of music such as house and even more deep rhythm as edm and electro. What distinguishes him from others are his unique remixes and versions which are not to be found in any typical music store.


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